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5 Summer Yard Care Tips You Need to Know

5 Summer Yard Care Tips You Need to Know

It’s time to cut grass, pull weeds, and wash windows — right? Not necessarily.

In fact, many typical spring and summer yard care tasks aren’t necessary. Likewise, there are many productive landscaping and lawn care projects you can take on right now to make the rest of the year look pristine.

To learn what you need to do instead of typical seasonal tasks, check out our summer yard care tips and tricks.

  1. Planting for Summer Color

As you prepare your landscape for summer, be sure to consider planting for summer color. Annuals such as marigolds, sunflowers, and petunias provide a burst of vibrant color and can be planted in the spring for a bold summer look.

Don’t forget container planters for adding summer color to porches and decks. Consider plants with varying bloom times, such as impatiens and gerbera daisies, so you’ll have color throughout the season.

Remember to incorporate shrubs and trees with Summer blooms, such as dogwoods, roses, and hibiscus, for the finishing touch of Summer landscaping.

  1. Applying Fertilizers for Healthier Lawns

Applying fertilizers for healthier lawns during summer yard care is essential to keeping lawns looking vibrant. It’s important to use the right kinds of fertilizers for the season and the type of plants, shrubs, and grass you have in your yard.

During the summer months, slow-release fertilizer is ideal as it helps feed plants and grass over an extended period of time.

  1. Controlling Weeds and Insects

When it comes to summer yard care, controlling weeds and insects can be a big challenge. To keep these pests away, it’s important to do regular maintenance from landscaping services throughout the summer to keep grass, weeds, and foliage in check.

For weeds, be sure to weed early and often and use pre-emergent herbicides to get ahead of them. For insects, monitor your lawn for any signs of larvae, and use organic plant-based insecticides, such as soaps and oils, to prevent insect damage.

  1. Maintaining Trees and Shrubs During Summer

Firstly, trees and shrubs should be inspected for disease and damage. Any dead branches or weakened limbs should be pruned to reduce the risk of a hazard or disease spreading to healthy limbs.

Secondly, mulch should be applied around the base of trees and shrubs to help retain moisture during hot days. Lastly, keep the area around trees and shrubs free of obstruction, such as lawn furniture or yard equipment, to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the plants.

  1. Sustained Watering for a Lush Lawn

Sustained watering is essential for a healthy lawn during the summer; this will allow your grass to remain lush and green. In order to do this, water two to three times a week during the summer and focus your watering efforts on the roots.

You should make sure that you water deeply and slowly so that the water will soak past the roots. Avoid heavy sprinklers, as they tend to create runoff. Irrigating your lawn in the early morning hours is best, as this allows the water to sink deep into the soil rather than evaporating in the sun’s heat.

Check These Summer Yard Care Tips Today

Your yard may have taken a beating this summer, but following these yard care tips can help get it back in shape. Remember to water correctly, fertilize, use eco-friendly pesticides, and keep your lawn mowed.

Don’t forget to enjoy your newly restored summer yard! Take action now and start restoring your yard today!

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