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How Can Educators Incorporate Technology into Their Teaching?

How Can Educators Incorporate Technology into Their Teaching?

Education has been named a necessity for people. To achieve anything significant it is important that the person must have basic education. 

However, as time has passed the education system which was once very rigid and restrictive has changed. Many different changes have been incorporated to make education more interesting and wide-ranging. 

Technology is something that is now a part of almost everything and everyone. Therefore it would only make sense if education and educators are also getting affected positively by the fast development of our technology. 

Technology can indeed be incorporated into education and make it effective and interesting for students. As students these days are highly advanced and affected by tech, it will help them to learn and grasp things more easily. 

Education will no longer be boring and parents won’t have to force their children into it. There are ways educators can incorporate technology into education for the better. 

Here are some of the ways.

1.Making class-specific websites or app 

Making an app or website unique to every class will be one of the best uses of technology.  By making these websites a lot of things can be made easily understandable to students that would be rather hard otherwise. 

By using a website educators can create unique assignments and assign them to individual students. They can also create tailored lessons for different students with varying skills. 

These lessons will cater to their unique needs. Students can upload their queries and assignments on these websites without any pressure, it can be anonymously or otherwise. 

Unique blogs can also be made for the classrooms. For different activities that are being done in the classroom, students can blog about the activity and express their opinion. 

Blogs can be anonymous if wanted. These blogs will help make the classroom more interactive and students will hear willingly, later on, write a blog.

2. Incoparting gaming and presentations

Playing games have become very common these days, every other teen is a gamer. Therefore using games as a medium to teach can be very helpful. 

There have been multiple games that have been put into the market which enable educators to use them in a student-teacher setting. It can be anonymous or not. 

Nonetheless, it allows students to learn about different concepts in game structure and makes it 10 times more interesting for them. Powerpoint presentations are attractive and easy to gain attention. 

Therefore using a presentation to introduce different topics in a class and briefly explain the topic is an excellent option. It will gain better attention of students and the compact structure would help them understand the forthcoming topic easily. 

Using graphics and links to important videos while explaining a certain topic can be very beneficial as it helps students to remember things. They would go home and check the video out and effectively revise the topic again.

3. Online systems for grading and self-assessment

In any teaching-learning atmosphere, the student must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them. Available online systems can be used to grade students on the assignments given to them online. 

They can also be asked to assess their fellow classmates’ work as well as their own work. They can compare the best assignment with their own online space. They’ll do it all alone without any interference and learn from their mistakes. 

It will make them less embarrassed and more focused. Technology has come a long way, it has influenced every aspect of our lives and continues to do so. Therefore it’s time that educators take advantage of it and use this gift in a way that benefits the students. 

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