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Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

The Forest is a non-linear survival game that was created by a small team and is considered one of the independent games of 2017. In the game, the player must escape after being dropped into an island with harsh settings and creepy monsters besides other obstacles.

Known to be one of the most playable games across a variety of platforms without compromising the quality and features – its unique art design and gameplay mechanics that are accessible on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One have gained immense attention from all over the world.

There have been updates seen on the PC version but no statement made about the console compatibility. So the question that has been striking in the minds of the gamers states “is the forest a cross-platform”? 

Does the Forest Offer Cross Stage Play Option?

From building a base, and crafting tools to making weapons and setting traps, the Forest game offers a wide range of features which makes survival both interesting and challenging. The game offers an online multiplayer mode where upto eight players can join. However, the question that the gamers have been asking is the forest cross-platform or will it ever be one?

If you have been thinking the same, then know that the answer is No. Currently, PC and Playstation 4 users can purchase The Forest. But they should know that despite being inaccessible to having an official port, it can easily be played on the PS5. This happens because the game is of backward compatibility.

On the other hand, The Forest does not support the feature of cross-platform on any platform. This means players cannot play the game with someone who has been using a PC or a PS4. However, you should also know that the game offers a cross-generation multiplayer feature where you play co-op with a PS5 while using the PS4.

What are the Reasons Behind the Incompatibility of The Forest Being a Cross-Platform? 

Wondering what nullifies the question related to is the forest is cross-platform? Well, here are a few points listed below that can help you to understand the reasons.

1.Shortage of Time and Labour 

One of the first reasons why the game is not a cross-platform yet is because it would demand more labour and development time than the creators were capable of affording at the time.

2.Technical Difficulties May Arise 

It could also be possible to say that the game has not become cross-platform because the players on the different platforms are unable to identify or view each other’s game saves.

The creators might have understood the severity of the problem and how it can be impossible for games like The Forest to form a transfer between the two.

3.Still Working on the Features 

The team could still be working on different features that can improve the experience.

4.Experience can differ 

Last but not the least, the creators are well aware of the fact that even if the compatibility with cross-platform was introduced, the potential experience may differ and gamers would not appreciate it.

How is the Multiplayer Compatibility on PlayStation 4?

The best part about The Forest is that it can be played excellently on the PlayStation 4 with other players. Yes, you heard it right!!

Though for the fact you have known that the forest is not cross-platform, it provides a multiplayer game element that allows the users to either join or host a variety of games on PS4.

Players can get a multiplayer experience without any problem. However, what’s important is that you must make sure that the other player is also playing it on PS4 to have a similar experience.

Will The Forest Be A Cross-Platform? 

If you are still thinking about “is The Forest cross-platform” or will it ever be one in the future, then know that it is very hard to make any statement now.

This is simply because there are no such statements related to this question made by the creators. So the best thing you can do is keep visiting the official website of the game to keep a track of the updates or other The Forest forums present on the internet.

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