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Major Achievements of SQM Club

Major Achievements of SQM Club

SQM clubs are international in nature as they operate in multiple countries like Germany, India, Australia, China, Poland, Singapore, France, and Israel. A large number of members are associated with such clubs and thus they have a high global outreach.

All about Sqm Club

The SQM Club is a kind of non-profit organization which is focused on the sustainable and holistic development of nature and the environment. They have tie-ups and collaborations with various international organizations and they all work together against climate change, global carbon emissions, etc. 

Their aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment and improve air quality. These organizations also use various high-end tools and procedures in order to track carbon emissions and spills. 

It should be noted that SQM Club is not associated with the selling of any kind of product or service. But, they are all working towards achieving a common goal for the betterment of the environment and society. 

How are carbon emissions measured by SQM Club?

For measuring carbon emissions SQM Club has introduced a unique method. This idea is unique as no other such organization has adopted this kind of carbon dioxide emission monitoring technique. Computers collect data by using special algorithms that use special technologies in order to know about the carbon emission that has taken place that year. 

Recently known unknown facts of SQM Club

By far, SQM Club has supported various companies in order to improve their performance. Their services have a global outreach. They are not only restricted to the USA and Europe but also have networks in Latin America and other Asian countries. Some  facts about the SQM club are mentioned here below:

  1. Tools of SQM Club: This club uses various algorithms and tools in order to help us understand the carbon dioxide emissions of various things.
  1. The number of members: Approximately about 1000 members of the SQM Club are working throughout the world.
  1.  International partnership: SQM Club has international relations with various international organizations that are all working towards the same environmental sustainability goal. All these organizations include various government agencies, international environment regulation organizations, and many more. 
  1. Recognition: These clubs are getting much more popular day by day and are one of the foremost non-profit organizations in this field. 

Statistics of SQM Club: Since the Club’s establishment, they have been in support of the members who fight against carbon emissions. At present they have saved about 1675440 tons of CO2. In addition to this, they also track, monitor, and analyze near about 1.5 million CO2 emission surveys.

Global meaning of SQM Club 

Some important facts which are pointed out about the Club. They are as follows:

Collection of data of global carbon dioxide emissions with the help of computer technology in order to monitor these emissions.

They also provide advice to their fellow members on how to reduce carbon spills with the help of GPS and remote sensing technology.

Aim of SQM Club

The first and the foremost aim of the SQM Clubs is to make the world a better and more sustainable place to live. In order to have such a kind of environment and world, the world should reduce the amount of carbon emission. Carbon emission is the root cause of global warming, climate change, etc. In order to reduce such detrimental effects on the environment, reduction of carbon emissions is of much need. For making the world a better place and for sustainable development such actions are very much required and these SQM Clubs are up in arms against pollution and are putting drastic efforts for reducing carbon emission, which is a positive step towards a much greener environment.

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