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Top 5 Most Dangerous Jellyfish

most dangerous jellyfish

Jellyfish are colourful Marine animals that can be found in coastal zones of the sea. Their outer part is like a ‘u’ shaped umbrella and they have long tentacles which help them to swim around the sea.

For the last 500 million years, this marine animal has existed in this world. They have an average life span of 1-3 years. But there are different species of jellyfish that can live upto decades. Since had named these specific jellyfish as immortal jellyfish.

Jellyfish can be used as seafood in different Asian cuisine as it is full of protein and minerals like other seafood. But, do you know, if jellyfish got stuck to your body, they could be dangerous and poisonous for you?

Yes, there are several species of Jellyfish that are dangerous. We will discuss the 5 most dangerous jellyfish species of the world that can be harmful to human life.

What are the world’s 5 most dangerous species of jellyfish?

While Asian people love jellyfish as a meal full of protein and minerals, some jellyfish may also have harmful effects on human life. Let’s look at the 5 most dangerous jellyfish species of the world –

1.Irukandji Jellyfish

This is the most dangerous jellyfish that can even cause human death. Irukandji Jellyfish are mostly found in the United States and Australia region. Their tiny size makes them almost unidentifiable in the water and so the scuba divers and swimmers must be cautious while surfing the sea.

If this jellyfish stick to your body they may cause Irukandji syndrome which is a deadly disease. The symptoms will be nausea, headache, body and abdominal pain with severe vomiting tendency, chest pain, hypertension etc.

If untreated and unnoticed, this disease is enough to take your life. They are the most dangerous jellyfish in the world and can be ranked no 1.

2.Box Jellyfish

This kind of jellyfish is a lethal venom specifically found in the tropical and subtropical seas of indo- Pacific region. They have venom in their tentacles which they use as a self-defence mechanism.

If you got attacked by this kind of jellyfish species, you would surely face death by being affected by its venom.

3.Sea Nettle

Another most dangerous jellyfish species is Sea Nettle which can be found in the Atlantic Oceans, Pacific Oceans and Indian Oceans. They always love to be in the open water.

This species can be identified by their approx 3 feet long golden-brown coloured bell. Their tentacles also are far longer than their bell.

It measures nearly 15 feet. Sea Nettle uses stinging cells to grab their food. If this stinging cell affects a human, they can get through severe pain due to it.

4.Moon Jellyfish

This kind of jellyfish has a very interesting translucent colour which makes them easily identifiable. Their average age is approx 6 months.

Moon Jellyfish are approx 10-15 inches in size and primarily eat plankton and other creatures of the ocean.

They are found in the world’s oceans. Their venom can attack humans and can cause myotoxic and neurotoxic effects on the human body, making

them one of the most dangerous jellyfish ever.

5.Cannonball Jellyfish

This jellyfish has a unique shape like a cannonball and is also known as cabbage head jellyfish, which can typically be found near the mid-west Atlantic Ocean, east-central and the northwest Pacific Ocean.

They feed themselves on planktons but they are highly dangerous for humans, and sometimes they are considered the most dangerous jellyfish. The toxins that they produce are deadly and if it stings you, they may cause you severe cardiac problems.

Jellyfish may look like tiny, colourful adorable, creatures but they are seriously very dangerous to human life. It’s better to avoid their presence under the water to keep yourself safe while you enjoy scuba diving or other underwater activities.

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