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Top 5 Most Expensive Dirt Bikes in The World

Dirt bike

When it comes to travelling and adventure there is no limit. An adventurer will go to the farthest of the places to explore it themselves. And with the technology we have today, it is possible to visit places which were once out of reach. 

Dirt bikes are stronger and are better built than ordinary motorbikes, especially if is the most expensive dirt bike in the world. These dirt bikes are specially made to travel through rough terrain and have other tricks as well. They have stiff suspension as well as special tires made for rough locations. 

They gained popularity in the 1960s and since then many people buy them. Here are the 5 most expensive dirt bikes in the world for you!

  • Kawasaki KX85

This dirt bike is a proven performer with many contemporary features and a powerful structure of the bike. It is priced at around $5,149. However, all of its exceptional features and compact build are worth it. 

This most expensive dirt bike in the world is built to provide its rider with an experience of the future. Even though it is a dirt bike, it can also be ready for race tracks anywhere. It has a very powerful engine which creates the crisp power for the bike to run. 

  • Honda CRF 450R Dave Thorpe Replica

This, one of the most expensive dirt bikes in the world was released in 2018. It has great features for any bike lover, some of the features include a fully adjustable suspension, Dunlop tires and brakes. It cost around $13,000. 

This most expensive dirt bike in the world has a unicorn robust four-valve liquid-cooled engine. It is expensive but its framework of it is worth the money. 

  • The Big Six: Husqvarna Fc 450

This dirt bike, be expensive, is one of the great bikes in the world. it uses advanced techniques to gather enormous power from its engine and the engine is at the centre of gravity. This bike is agile with a great lightweight cylinder making it easy to handle. 

Husqvarna is designed perfectly for its users. Its exhaust is made with great materials and is very much systematic. It costs around $11,000 and is often named one of the coolest bikes to be ever made! Thus creating a place in the list of the most expensive dirt bike in the world. 

  • KTM 125 SX

KMT 125 SX is one among the most expensive ktm dirt bikes and it is one of the most expensive dirt bikes in the world, costing around $8000. It is said to be the best when you want a lightweight dirt bike, it is the most compact and lightweight of them all. It has a very comfortable and confident vibe to it. 

The engine installed in this bike is also a lightweight chassis, however, it does not compromise with power and fills the bike with huge power. This model is a combination of everything for any rider, it is flexible, strong yet simple. Therefore, it provides a great experience for anyone and is considered the most expensive dirt bike in the world. 

  • YAMAHA YZ125

This bike has an aggressive style and structure often loved by many riders. It has a compact 124cc two-stroke reed-valve engine with enormous power. This dirt bike is not the most lightweight you will ever find however its rear removable aluminium subframe is square section tubing that helps the rider to reduce the bike weight. 

This dirt bike is also a race bike ready for the track. The beautiful balance between all the features is what makes YAMAHA YZ125 a great choice for many. It is agile, it is fit, and it is the most expensive dirt bike in the world.

When it comes to dirt bikes, never settle for anything less than the best even if it is expensive. The thrill and adventure that one receives after riding a dirt bike on a rough road are worth a million dollars. so, choose your dirt bike carefully. The above mentioned are some of the most expensive dirt bikes in the world but the greatest of them all, so choose wisely! 

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