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6 Common Hiring Mistakes Startups Make and How to Avoid Them

About 41% of companies say entry-level positions are the hardest to fill. In fact, it can take 36 working days before a company hires talent. If you’re about to share online job postings for your startup, wait.

Instead, make sure you avoid these hiring mistakes startups make. Avoiding these mistakes will help you start a new business with the strongest possible team.

Start hiring with these tips today.

1. Hiring Within Your Network

Try to avoid looking within your personal network when hiring for your startup. It can become difficult to manage friends and family members. They might impede your startup’s growth unintentionally.

Instead, look beyond your network to find qualified employees.

If you’re struggling to fill positions, consider partnering with a talent acquisition team. You can learn more about talent acquisition service opportunities here.

2. Ignoring Red Flags

Short employee hiring timelines could cause you to ignore red flags. Hiring the wrong candidate could undermine your startup’s progress.

Instead, vet every candidate thoroughly.

3. Not Prioritizing Experience

Instead of hiring employees solely based on their backgrounds, look for candidates who have job experience that suits your startup’s needs. Though many candidates will have degrees that speak to their expertise, they might not have the hands-on skill set you’re looking for.

Their experience behind those skills can help you determine if they’re an ideal candidate.

4. Hiring Sprees

Avoid high-volume hiring before you’re ready. Instead, make sure your hiring process is methodical. Take the time to consider your strategic goals, too.

High-volume hiring might leave you with a team you can’t afford. You could make hiring mistakes that leave you with an inadequate team, too.

Instead, look for employees who have non-negotiable skills that suit your current needs.

5. Ignoring Company Culture

As you begin drafting your interview question checklist, don’t forget to consider company culture questions. Look for employees who fit the company culture (including the culture of a startup). For example, employees will likely need to:

  • Take out the trash
  • Buy supplies
  • Clean the workplace
  • Run to the post office

Look for employees who are flexible, agile, and eager. They’ll help you grow into a successful business that can outsource these menial tasks.

6. Hiring Negative Info

Don’t make the mistake of hiding negative information regarding your startup as you begin interviewing candidates. Talk about the upside of working for a startup and the possible negatives about the job.

Show potential employees the realities of the position you’re trying to fill. Otherwise, they’ll find out after you hire them. You could waste valuable time hiring and training employees who only quit.

If they’re looking for the perfect working environment, they’re likely not an ideal candidate for a startup.

Avoid These Hiring Mistakes Startups Make

Don’t rush to fill your online job postings. Instead, avoid these hiring mistakes startups make. Do your due diligence to find ideal candidates for each job position.

Vetting your candidates will help you find a strong team for your startup.

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