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Top 10 Cigrate Brands in India

Top 10 cigarette brands in India

Are you a smoker? Do you smoke regularly? Do you have a passion for quality cigarettes? Then this is the right post for you. In this post, we will discuss the best cigrates in India. But before we start, here is a caution for you. Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking may cause you heart and lung disease and even cancer. 

But today we will only discuss the best cigarettes in India. Cigrates give you mind relaxation and provide you mental energy. It helps you to get tension free. 

A huge percentage of people in India are cigarette addicted and tobacco is one of the most profitable businesses in India. Here is a list of the 10 best cigarette brands in India. 

Best cigarette brands in India | Best Cigrate in India 

● Marlboro | One of the Best Cigarette Brands in India

When you want to taste the best cigrate in India, taste Marlboro. Marlboro is one of the best cigarette brands in India. It is produced by Philip Morris of the USA within the United States and Philip Morris International for the rest of the world including India. 

Marlboro offers you various types of cigarettes like Marlboro red, Marlboro cloves, Marlboro menthol, Marlboro advance, etc. 

You can easily get it as it is available in all parts of India. Marlboro became famous after its ad featuring a Marlboro man. 

Marlboro is especially popular among urban adult smokers who have a preference for high-quality international cigarette brands. So if you are a high-quality cigarette lover this can be your choice. 

● Gold flake | Best Cigrate in India 

Gold flake kings sell around 18% of the total cigarettes sold in India. It contains around 1.4 mg nicotine and 15mg tar. Gold Flake is a brand of ITC and is the highest-selling cigarette brand in India. It is a domestic cigarette brand that was earlier known as Khandani. It is the most popular and best cigarette brand in India

● Pall Mall | Best Underrated Cigrate in India (Less Known but Best Cigrate in India)

Pall Mall is the first cigarette brand to launch a 100 mm long cigarette which however didn’t last long in the market due to the competition. The best cigarette in India contains 0.9 mg nicotine and 10 mg tar. Pall Mall offers you various qualities of cigarettes based on the intensity of tobacco and the number of menthols. 

Some of the brands include white, black, blue, green, orange, etc. This brand is produced and marketed by R.J Reynolds and is one of the best cigarette brands

Pall Mall offers you a fine blend of tobacco giving you a unique taste of masculinity. This is one of the best cigarette brands in India

Dunhill | Better than the Best Cigrate in India

Dunhill provides you with two varieties of cigarettes such as Dunhill and Dunhill International. 

Smokers prefer some of the brands like Dunhill bottom. Dunhill is one of the best cigarette brands in India and provides you with quality cigarettes. 

The brand is manufactured by a British American Tobacco company. It is a renowned brand providing you with the finest quality of cigarettes. 

A pack of 20 Dunhill cigarettes in India will cost you Rs 320. So if you are a quality cigarette lover you can choose Dunhill. 

● Parliament | One of the Best Cigarette Brands in India

Parliament is one of the preferred cigarette brands in India. Charlie Sheen was featured in its ad in the 90s. The brand is traded by Philip Morris company in the US. Parliament is famous for its filtered cigarettes. 

It is one of the best cigarette brands in India. The brand is popular among business owners and entrepreneurs. It is known for its production of filtered cigarettes. It offers you a profound taste and is very popular. 

● ITC Ltd

ITC is the best tobacco-selling company in India and has the largest share in the tobacco market of India. 

Established in 1910 in Kolkata it has various branches all over India. It provides you with cigarettes of all qualities and prices. Flake, Gold flake, and Silk cut are a few examples of the best cigarette brands of ITC. 

W.D and H.O Wills 

Wills classic mild is one of the most trending and available cigarette brands in India. It is a popular name in the field of tobacco-related products. 

The company is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai in China. It is one of the precursor companies of imperial tobacco. It is one of the first few manufacturers of cigarettes. 

Imperial Brand 

The brand was popular till the 80s but gradually lost its market shareholding. Right now they have three big brands and a few small brands that are found in smaller stocks and are at the back of the line in the race for the best cigarette brands in India. 

● Gudang Garam 

Gudang Garam International is an Indonesian brand offering you clove-flavored cigarettes. It was launched in November 1979 in East Java. 

The cigarettes have the unique taste of cloves and are hugely popular among new smokers. So if you are a new smoker this can be the best cigarette in India for you. 

Benson and Hedges 

Benson and Hedges are also simply known as b and h. This is a British brand of cigarettes owned by British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, and Japan Tobacco. 

Benson and Hedges are widely available in India and a pack of 10 cigarettes costs Rs 250. Some of the varieties include gold, silver, and rolling tobacco. This is one of the best cigarette brands in India and is found in every part of the country.

So if you are a cigarette lover then here are a few best cigarette brands in India that you can choose according to your taste. You will get cigarettes in every part of the country and the brand you choose reflects your lifestyle and personality. You can choose according to the size of the cigarettes like small, medium, and king-size, or choose according to the blend of tobacco like regular or light. You can also choose according to your taste like normal or flavored cigarettes. Another thing you should keep in mind is how much you want to spend for cigarettes in a day. There are many variations in prices starting from Rs 50 to Rs 500 and more. So choose according to your capacity and taste.

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