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Top 5 Biggest Fish in The World

Top 5 Biggest Fish in The World

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We just love fish like anything. Only the name of it can create water in our mouths. But, do you know lots of giant fish species are there in the world where some of them are many eaters? Yes, that’s true. 

There are several species of Largest Fish in The World that can even eat human flesh. Some of them still don’t eat humans and still should be avoided as much as possible. 

They are so huge and dominating that other sea animals fear them. Here we are going to share information about the top 5 largest fishes in the world.

What are the top 5 biggest fishes in the world?

  • Whale Shark

This is a Rhincodon typus fish species that have a lifespan of almost 70 years. White sharks are one of the biggest fish in the world as they could be 41 feet or approx 13 mitres long and their weight could be around 21 pounds. 

So, you can understand that their appearance is huge and intimidating. White sharks are seen in the open tropical seawater and mostly eat plankton. 

They are not man-eaters. Still, if you face them anywhere, it’s advisable to stay away from this giant fish. 

  • Basking Shark

Another rare species yet the largest fish in the world is the Basking Shark. This Cetorhinus maximus species could be approx 20-26 feet long and can weigh upto 19 tons approx. They are a kind of migratory fish species that could be seen across temperate oceanside. 

They used to feed themselves near the surface area of the seawater and hence it may look like they are basking themselves in the sun. 

That’s why they are named basking sharks.  This is the second-largest living fish species in the world that feeds itself on plankton and hence is not a threat to humans.

  • Great White Shark

The third largest fish in the world is the great white shark. Most of us have heard about this Carcharodon carcharias, thanks to movies. 

They are indeed human attackers and can be found in the coastal regions of the sea where the temperature of the water is from 12 to 24 degrees. 

They could be 20 feet long and can weigh approximately 3.3 pounds. They feed themselves on a variety of sea species and birds. 

They are not directly human eaters but sometimes they can harshly attack us and obviously a killing threat for us as it lives in the coastal regions of the sea. This species can live upto 70 years. 

  • Tiger Shark

This is the fourth biggest sea fish that can be called Galeocerdo cuvier based on their species DNA. The younger sharks have black stripe-like patches like tigers on their body, which also disappear when they are grown completely. This is the reason why they are called tiger sharks. 

Tiger Shark or sea tiger could be 16 feet long and 3 pounds heavy fish that are found in temperate regions and tropical regions of the sea. 

The biggest fish in the world feed themselves on sea creatures, sea birds etc. They are also human attackers like great white sharks. 

  • Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

This is a rare fish species of Manta birostris which is labelled as the 5th biggest fish species. They are approx 23 feet long and their weight could be upto 3 tons.  This special type of species is typically found in tropical and subtropical seawater. 

Like whale sharks and basking sharks, Giant Oceanic Manta Ray also feeds itself on plankton. They are not likely to attack humans until they get any threat signals from human behaviour. Currently, these species are becoming rare lives on the ocean as human fishing practices, chemical exploitation for fish oil and different fish life-related products are taking the lives of many of them. We must do something to preserve them and must stop all human practices that are exploiting the biggest fish in the world.

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