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Top 5 Coldest Countries in The World

coldest country in the world

As it is very difficult to bear the oppressive heat during the summer season, similarly it is equally troublesome for most people to adjust to the biting cold.

In the countries where the sunlight does not reach properly, people have adopted various means to survive in the cold places of the world, especially during the winter seasons.

If you really want to search out about a few places where people fear the cold very much then please read the list below explaining the facts about the most coldest country in the world.

1. Dome Fuji, Antarctica

In 2010, the satellite Landsat 8 which had been launched there depicted a large and mounted ice sheet in East Antarctica and the scientists referred to it as to be the most coldest country on earth. It has recorded a temperature which is minus 92.3 degrees Centigrade which is far below zero degrees.

This desert is being recognized as the coldest place in the world and has even broken the world record of Vostok since 1983.

Although the maximum temperature is minus thirty degrees Centigrade, which is very often rare, the people residing there have got accustomed to various kinds of livelihood to struggle for their survival.

The Dome Fuji Station which is not very far away and was built there in 1995, and the excavations there take us to the prehistoric Ice Age.

2. Vostok Research Station, Antarctica

This coldest country on earth is sometimes referred to as the sunniest place on mother earth. It is because, during the month of December, this place receives 22 hours of bright sunlight.

But on the other end, this research centre does not receive any sun rays during the polar night. Sunlight is not able to make its way during that season and so it always remains dark throughout.

In the world record, it shows the lowest minimum temperature than in any other weather station. The station was set up by the Soviet Union in 1957, and it is a very fascinating and interesting place for research workers and scientists.

Many people also find it to be a joyful place. A big subglacial lake has been discovered underneath. Various kinds of minute lives and microorganisms have been found which remain aloof from the rest of mankind.

3. Denali, Alaska

This highest mountain peak in North America is a very beautiful sight and unique in appearance. The big mountain peaks which stand about 6000m above sea level make it the most coldest country in the world.

It is a lovely place for trekking but one needs some experts to assist and an outstanding basement if you are planning to climb high.

This weather station which is near the ranges recorded the coldest temperature in the United States as minus 73.8 degrees Centigrade which is also a world record.

Earlier this frosty mountain peak was known as Mount McKinley. But the US Government changed its name to Denali. This is because the Koyukon people call it by this name who roam about in that particular area.

4. Verkhoyansk, Russia

Inhabited by thousands of people, this Russian city is based within the Arctic Circle and is referred to as the most coldest country in the world.

In the northern hemisphere, this place is called the ‘Pole of Cold’ where the coldest temperatures have ever been recorded.

The unbelievable scenario is caused because of the cold thick atmospheric condition which is named Siberian High.

This area is subjected to temperature increase with the higher you rise altitude wise.

Verkhoyansk regularly shows summer temperatures of about thirty degrees Centigrade, this region is also prone to the greatest fluctuations between the hot and cold climates anywhere on Earth.

5. North Ice, Greenland

The North Greenland Expedition which had been established by the Britishers in 1952, this research station could only be reached by sledges pulled by dogs earlier.

After that provisions and supplies were provided by the militants for the expedition team.

The temperature in this most coldest country in the world ever recorded in 1954 was supposed to be the coldest recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere. The team thereby conducted vast research.

Now it would become easier for you to explore yourself in the coldest places in the world and gather some ideas and views about the people there and their whereabouts. If you get deeper into it, you will gather insight into how people manage to live and earn their livelihoods despite the severe weather.

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