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Is VIVO Chinese Company?

Is VIVO Chinese Company

Today there are a lot of options when it comes to phone companies and other than the age-old options, these companies have brought in a lot of new varieties as well.

Vivo is one of them and the amount of popularity it has received in the last five years. It has made many people wonder whether Vivo is Chinese company and if not, then Vivo made in which country or we can say which is the vivo manufacturing country, which is the vivo manufacturer country, which country made vivo, which is vivo mobile manufacturer country, vivo brand made in which country, vivo mobiles are made in which country, vivo mobile made from which country, vivo mobile made by which country, vivo phone made by which country, which is vivo mobile phone manufacturer country, vivo mobile phone manufacturer country, vivo phone which country product, vivo is made by which country, vivo mobile manufactured in which country, vivo mobile is indian or Chinese and many more.

No matter which mobile shop you visit, be it the ones which are online or even the offline ones, you will see that there are tons of mobiles from Vivo. Not only that there are often racks which are devoted to Vivo only.

If you go by the feedback of Vivo, then most people would say that the quality and the endurance are quite upto the mark.

It has been better than most other sophisticated phone companies and the price range is something which is also quite promising.

It is the popularity of the brand among the people which has made many people wonder what is the viability of the brand and which is vivo manufacturing country, vivo phone made in which country, whether Vivo is Chinese company or not.

We have in this article tried to answer these simple questions and make sure that you have a better perspective about Vivo as a company.

Origin of Vivo As a Phone Company

Before we talk in detail as to what vivo phone made in which country or Vivo made in which country, it is imperative that we first analyse the impact of Vivo and how it originated as a phone company.

The brand was founded in the year 2010 and that too holding the hands of Shen Wei.

Since then the brand has never seen a backlog and has continued to achieve heights of success as well. The basic function of Vivo as a phone company is to:

• Design Phones
• Design Softwares
• Design Phone Accessories

Although the launch was made in the year 2010, it was not only the year 2012 that Vivo made an appearance in the Indian market.

The first phone that was launched in the Indian market was none other than the Vivo X1 and it was also the first smartphone which came with an inbuilt Hi-Fi audio amplifier.

We can say with conviction that this particular brand has been able to get the best of resources and has been quite a revolutionary brand as well.

The key focus has been on innovation and they have been able to achieve that at a very pocket-friendly price range as well.

This was not the end of advancements made by Vivo and in the year they launched the Vivo X5 Max which was arguably the thinnest phone to ever exist in this genre of smartphones.

Vivo’s participation in the World of Sports

Not only that, Vivo is one brand which has made its presence felt even in the world market and hence the participation in world sports has been commendable.

As many of you would know by now, Vivo is one name which has been the title sponsor for IPL in the year 2015 as well.

Not only that, but since then Vivo has been the sponsor for a couple of years and the dealership has been renewed as well.

Not only that, Vivo has been a very important sponsor for the Fifa world cup as well and this has given them a global acknowledgement as well.

It did not certainly end here and Vivo has been the official title sponsor for the Indian Kabaddi League as well.

Vivo has been such an active name that it has been able to garner a name for itself in the domain of sports, no matter what the genre is.

Vivo and Oppo

There have been a lot of people who have often wondered whether there is an active connection between Oppo and Vivo.

Also, whether that is the active reason why it is believed that Vivo is a Chinese company but still many people want to know vivo phone made in which country.

We have to mention in this respect that Oppo is the sister concern of Vivo and both of them have the same kind of origin.

The base is no doubt in China and hence it has its current headquarters stationed in Dongguan.

It was the Chinese technology which ensured that it can bring forth the technology of inbuilt finger sensors which are highly active as well.

The genre of Chinese technology has moved forward so much that all of these innovations have been incorporated into the phones which have been brought forth by Vivo.

You will notice that each of the phones that Vivo has brought forth is very advanced and although Vivo is a Chinese company, they do not compromise on the quality factor at all.

Since its inception, Vivo has been one of those brands which have challenged age-old traditions and brought in new concepts at stellar prices.

Although Vivo and Oppo are often regarded as sister concerns because both are Chinese brands, they have been exceptionally good and have outdone themselves each time as well.

We can say with confirmation that most people who do not know Vivo, a Chinese company, would know that this mobile brand has been exceptionally good.

Not only that, it is the performance level and the longevity which often make people wonder the question, Vivo made in which country?

There is often a very common idea associated with Chinese products that they do not last long and Vivo has been able to move past it.

If you carefully notice the evolution of Vivo as a mobile phone company you will notice that they have just focused on client experience more than anything else.

This has ensured that they are able to build on the client base which is very important for any business to survive.

With time, better innovations like pop-up cameras, gorilla screens, AMOLED displays and even face recognition features have been incorporated.

Today they not only have a lot of high-end options but also quite a few affordable options which are great in the pocket.

Why Is Vivo Reliable As A Brand?

Now that we have a fair idea about the question, is Vivo a Chinese company, it is important that we discuss whether it is reliable as a brand or not.

Vivo is a Chinese company and hence this is the prime reason why it has been subjected to a lot of criticism.

However, this brand has been able to come up with flying colours for all of these tests and although Vivo is a Chinese company, it has been able to establish itself and done a fairly good job as well.

Some of the major reasons why we think that Vivo could be better than any other option in the market currently are:

1. Great Features

If you scroll up slightly and read through the first paragraphs, you will notice that the first thing that we have spoken about is the set of amazing features that makes Vivo different from others.

Since Vivo set its foot in the Indian mobile market there have been a lot of innovations and Vivo has been the propounder for most of them.

If you remember and can track back to slightly a few years you would know that this brand was the reason why it was so popular to go for inbuilt fingerprint sensors.

Unlike most other devices which had their sensors at the back or to the side, Vivo made it convenient and came up with the inbuilt option.

The next very important feature about most Vivo phones is that they have been able to make the phone size much more compact and slim.

You will recall that before the advent of Vivo in the market, most mobiles were very heavy and they did not fit in the right way in your pockets or with one hand.

However, with Vivo, this problem was taken care of and this is the time when many people asked the question, is Vivo a Chinese company specifically due to the innovations that it was bringing into the domain of mobile phones.

Not only that, another great thing about Vivo as a brand has been that they have been able to set the grounds and hence after them a lot of brands have followed their footsteps.

They have brought in the concept of new-age smartphones and the word smart was really kept in mind by them.

It is this innovation and stagnant name in the market which has made many people wonder and ask, Vivo made in which country.

2. Price Range

Do you remember the years before 2010? When the concept of smartphones was still not very prevalent and people had to spend a fortune so that they could get their hands on the best option?

It was with the advent of Vivo that this problem came to a halt and they made sure that you can get a good phone even between the range of fifteen to twenty thousand.

Previously, most other companies who offered even half of the features that Vivo was offering charged you literally somewhere around 30000 so that you could rely on the features.

However, since its advent in the year 2010, the entire game has changed.

Not only Vivo, but even Oppo in this respect has also been able to achieve a lot and has actively contributed to lowering the prices for smartphones in India.

These two brands have made sure that smartphones do not necessarily have to be very expensive. Hence next time you see someone asking, is Vivo a Chinese company and that too in a derogatory manner, you know how to respond back to the right?

Because it has its base in China, they have been able to source a lot of parts and technology at pocket-friendly price ranges and this has actively contributed to lowering the margin.

To compete with Vivo, most other brands have also lowered their price range.

3. Customer Care Services

All of us know that smartphones are a touchy subject and we simply do not know when they cease to function.

Hence the one thing which has to be guaranteed to you whenever you make such an investment is to make sure that they have an active customer support team who is there to help you under all circumstances.

Vivo as a company has ensured that this is not the problem and every client gets what they are looking for in the nearest location.

Hence since 2010, they have actively built Vivo hubs in each city of India and that too at more localised areas as well.

Not only that, but they have also ensured that each of these hubs have a lot of trained professionals who can help you with exactly what your phone is in need of.

The ones who will be providing you with the service are very well articulated and hence they know how to deal with your issues.

No matter what your genre of the problem is, feel free to get in touch with them and this will lower your problem considerably.

All you need to do is locate the nearest hub and explain what you are in need of.

If there is still someone who is wondering if Vivo made in which country, then it is high time that you analyse that without Chinese intervention, it would not be possible.

For years they have been able to craft the best and this has ensured that you get access to a lot of great choices and that too at an affordable price range.

We have seen a lot of people wondering is Vivo a Chinese company and that is sole because of the excellence of service that they provide keeping in mind the reputation of Chinese companies.

Finally, we can say with conviction that if you are in need of a smartphone option which gets you the best and that too at an affordable price range then there is no one who can be as good as Vivo. They have a range of options for you to choose from depending on your requirements!

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