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Learn About the Relationship between Probability and Odds in Football Betting

Football Betting

In football betting, probability and odds are two very important factors. This concept is one that a lot of players still do not fully understand. So what is the probability? What are the odds? And what is the relationship between them? Let’s go to find out more info about online football betting in Naija in the detailed article below.

What are the probabilities and odds?

Probability is the odds of different outcomes in the match and is calculated by the player based on the predictions and analysis of the bets each time a bet is placed. If the player is only looking for one outcome of the match, there are very likely two outcomes. For example, when we toss a coin with 2 faces, the probability of the occurrence of each face is 50%; that is, there are 2 possible outcomes. The formula for probability is: P = S / (S + F), where S is the outcome and F is the number of other possible outcomes.

What are the odds?

Odds are the probability of the outcome of a certain event. The odds are set by the bookie for the purpose of calculating money based on the bet amount of the outcome that has been bet by the player before each match. If a player has a chance to bet on an outcome up to 50%, the return after placing the bet will reflect that as the odds are a percentage of the outcome of the match. For example, if the chances of winning a bet on both teams to score are high, with about 50%, then the payout from the house will have a high chance of winning. Odds formula: odds = P / (1 – P). P = probability of 1 match.

The relationship between probability and odds in football betting Play genres’ chances

Fraction bets: Fraction bets represent the total winnings paid to players, and fractional bets are widely used, mainly in the UK.

American bets: are the odds in negative or positive symbols used in the outcome of each match.

Decimal bets: This is a converted fraction bet.

Hong Kong Bet: This is the simplest bet using the tool to understand. The amount won to be received does not include the amount you bet. Especially in that Hong Kong bet, the amount cannot be more than the bet amount but can be larger than the bet amount.

In Indo bets: will be calculated in decimal, with the winnings being less than the bet amount and calculated by negative coefficients. The player can either lose more than the bet amount or win more than the bet amount.

Malay bet: indicates the amount received only if the winning amount is less than the bet amount. And Malay bets only show negative value when the bet amount is greater than the bet amount. Malay bets, in particular, cannot lose or win more than the bet amount.How to change the bet type Bets from fractions to decimals and vice versa:Fraction bet is 1/4Decimal bet is 1 + 1/4Convert Hong Kong decimal bets and vice versa (the coefficient must be minus 1):Decimal bet is 2.27Hong Kong bet is 2.27 – 1Convert Hong Kong bets to Malay: – (1/X)

Effective football betting experience

You can use this information to calculate and choose the best bet for you. Probability will ensure an event happens, while odds are used to find out if the event will happen or not.

Players need to know when to make bets on handicaps. Handicap betting is a popular type of bet among many football betting enthusiasts. This is the main bet type and it appears on almost all the bookies’ tables today. So, do you know how to play as well as have effective experience when it comes to this bet?

Learn about handicaps in football betting

Asian handicap is another name for the term. In this type of bet, there are two teams that are clearly demarcated as the upper and lower bets. In particular, the upper team, also known as the hand team, is rated as stronger and has an advantage over the lower team. Handicap will be provided by the bookie with many different odds, such as handicap 0.5 left, handicap 1 left, handicap 1.75 left, handicap 2 left, handicap 3 left … Because there are too many odds, it is difficult for players to learn and choose ratios that are appropriate for their abilities. Players need to know when to make bets on handicaps. There is no research on the information provided by the two teams. A thorough study of the information of the two teams is essential and important in ensuring the effectiveness of the players’ own bets. It will be the basis of actively supporting players in making accurate analysis and judgments, minimizing the risk of being affected by crowd trends.

There is no general view of the factors that can directly affect the results of the competition

A match played out will have a lot of problems surrounding it. Although it is a seemingly innocuous small factor, it can sometimes affect the outcome of the competition, more or less. So what is that information? is the condition of the terrain, weather, and playing fields… especially the playing fields. The teams that play at home often have the advantage of cheering, familiarity with the field, and the conditions of the field. Another example of factors that can directly affect the outcome of a competition is weather conditions, climate, and time zones. If the matches are within the country, the time zone does not seem to be a concern. But if you’re in larger international tournaments, the time zone difference is definitely something to be concerned about. Because the time zone deviation will greatly affect the performance and health of the players, affecting the final result of the match.

There was no follow-up during the competition

The special thing about the handicap is that the odds can change during the game between two teams. On teams with a tight schedule, the player’s strength will not be able to ensure the best performance. The process of playing will also face many risks. And only when players follow the rules closely can they find it easy to adjust to the most accurate decisions. Ignore my concerns’ reserves. Never think that the players on the field are enough when it comes to handicaps. The reserve team is also something that players must pay special attention to. During the competition, no one will be able to say anything in advance. Unexpected situations such as penalty cards or injuries can come at any time … the strength of the team at this time will depend on the reserve team. Afterward If there is a thorough understanding of the reserve team, players will easily take the initiative and make the correct choices for the bets they participate in.


Probability and odds are closely related, so players need to learn how they are related. The information above will help answer your questions and help players understand the relationship between probability and odds. Good luck with your betting. Above is all the content that we want to share. Hopefully, it will be useful information, helping players see correctly and limit the risks in the upcoming betting process. Good luck to all players in betting.

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