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Micromax Company Belongs To Which Country?

Micromax Company Belongs To Which Country?

Micromax has been one brand with which the people of India have resonated a lot. What your age is, we are sure that you have at least one phone which belongs to the Micromax Brand.

But have you ever wondered Micromax company belongs to which country?

Since time immemorial we have seen that the presence of Micromax as a brand has been strongly felt. This does not stand through only for the smartphones for which they have been known but also for the regular usage phones which have been quite a game-changer in the industry.

We have to mention in this respect that Micromax is not only known for their phones but they are also known to have their expertise in various other products as well.

Micromax as a brand has been known to build various other devices like laptops, home appliances, mobile accessories and even consumer electronics. They were in the Indian market for a very long time and hence asking the question Micromax company belongs to which country is quite pertinent.

Today we are here to address your questions and ensure that you do not have any doubts regarding Micromax and its origin. We can say with conviction that this brand has been an emotion for many Indian people and knowing a bit about its history is also very important.

We can ascertain by the time you finish reading this article you will not only know Micromax company belongs to which country, but also a lot of unknown facts about the same.

Origin of Micromax As A Brand | Micromax Company Belongs To Which Country?

Although Micromax entered the Indian market as a potent player in the mobile industry, that has not been their sole area of control. Slowly they have spread their wings to other domains as well and this includes gaming laptops and even hardware items along with quirky mobile accessories.

This automatically raises the question of whether Micromax Mobile Company belongs to which country and how it first set its foot in the market. We can see with pride that Micromax is one of the most popular Indian brands and has been the brainchild of an Indian businessman.

When the company was first developed it was an Indian electronic company which has its base in Gurugram, India. Since then that has remained the headquarters of Micromax other there are a lot of offices in various parts of the country.

The first thing which has to be mentioned when it comes to the origin of Micromax is that there was a lot of indigenous feeling attached to this brand. The entire feeling that Micromax is a brand built by Indians is what attached a lot of people to this brand and did the basic promotions as well.

At the same time, it is also very important to say that Micromax did not disappoint and it was one of the best companies to rely on when it comes to buying a phone which is handy.

The brand was founded in the year 2000 and it was a time when they had tried to incorporate the best technology available for the easy usage of the clients.

At that time it was conceptualised as an IT company which focused on the factor of software building. However, it was not until the year 2008 that Micromax came into the mobile industry.

In a matter of just 2 years, it was able to build a very unique identity for itself. The most important thing about Micromax as a brand was that it was able to get a lot of features at a very low cost.

Hence people who could not go forth and by the foreign companies who used to charge a bomb for even the most basic handsets, could easily afford a Micromax phone which could serve their purpose.

Dig deeper to know about Micromax company belongs to which country, read on.

Evolution of Micromax As A Brand

The common feeling which was often attached to Micromax as a brand was that it is for the Indian population and hence the requirements of the Indian people have been kept in mind. Not only that the devices were extremely easy to use and that stands for their other electronic products as well like the laptop.

It was this ease of use along with world-class technology which often made people wonder, Micromax belongs to which country? As a brand, they have consistently outdone themselves and the concept of easy availability of mobile phones was made popular by Micromax itself.

Today we can see with convection that Micromax is one of those phone companies which has ensured that the entire mobile industry changes. They were the first to get the Indianised brands recognition amongst the numerous other foreign options which usually had a lot of experience to offer.

Once Micromax received precedence in the year 2010 , this slowly ventured out and dominated other aspects of the industry as well.

The Popularity of Micromax in India

Now that we have already answered the question as to Micromax company belongs to which country, it is time that we shift our attention to another very important criteria of this discussion- the popularity of Micromax as a brand.

If we trace back the time we can see that most other Indian brands which tried to sustain in the field of mobile phones failed invariably. However, Micromax was certainly not one of them and it was able to have a lot of impact in the industry by consolidating a very loyal base of customers.

The most important factor that they followed was to appeal to the masses and that is what made them the icon for mobile brands in India. You will notice that most of the other mobile based companies which have originated in India have tried to follow in the footsteps which have been set by Micromax.

In the year 2014 Micromax was seen to perform not only well in the Indian market but also occupied the 10th rank as one of the largest smartphone vendors in the domain.

The best thing about this brand was that they were able to achieve a lot within a very small period of time and that led to the reliability factor. There was a time when people relied on Micromax more than any other foreign-based companies as well and that was due to the reputation that they had built for themselves.

As many would already know the propounders of Micromax are two business tycoons from India Rahul Sharma and Rohit Patel. Not only did they have an immaculate knowledge of the mobile phone industry, but they were also phenomenal as entrepreneurs which led to the popularity of Micromax.

Even in global markets, this popularity has often made people wonder Micromax company belongs to which country, and most people have reeled with pride that it is none other than India.

Features of Micromax Phones

We have already found the answer to the question from which country Micromax belongs and we will talk about some of the major features which makes this phone worthwhile.

1.Ease Of Use

We have to say in this respect that when the advent of mobile phones became so popular in India most options which flooded into the market were very difficult to use.

Because the Indian population did not have a prior impact on mobile phones and how to use them easily, it was very difficult for them to use these foreign brands which were categorically built so that the foreign population could be sufficed.

With the advent of Micromax the Indian population got something which was indigenous and hence easy for them to use without any hindrances. This is one of the major reasons why many people started to use Micromax even discarding foreign options which lead to the popularity of the brand.

To make sure that people living in India do not have a problem using this particular form there are tons of language preferences available. This was particularly a dance so that people who do not understand English do not have a problem and even elderly people can use the phone very easily.

The idea behind the mobile phone is to make it accessible and Micromax did the same for the population. No matter which model you talk about and whether it be phones or even laptops, easy usage has always been their prime focus. We can be convinced that there were very few mobile phones which lived up to the expectations of Micromax as a brand when it comes to the domain of usability.


Now we finally come to the most important feature of Micromax mobile phones for which they have been able to garner a lot of popularity. Micromax started to receive a lot of attention primarily because of the fact that they were providing mobile phones at a very low cost.

However, this did not mean that they compromised on the quality at all which was at most other foreign brands. One of the most important features of Micromax was that because it was an Indian brand, there was a lot of tax and hence it was available to the Indian population at much lesser prices.

The affordability factor has been something which has appealed to a lot of people and led to the mass popularity of Micromax. They were able to make the concept of low-cost features very popular and a lot of brands have tried to follow the same tactics.

All of us know that the population of India is quite a handsome amount and hence appealing to the masses will be able to create a lot of impacts as well. It has been this popularity which has even made critics think that Micromax mobile belongs to which country?


And lastly, we also have to mention in this respect that one of the major and most competent features of Micromax as a brand was that they were able to bring forth reliable phones.

Unlike most other companies who will not get you good phones at this price, Micromax has always ensured that the client experience is protected under all circumstances. Most of the devices phones that were available under Micromax were very handy to use and hence you did not have much trouble.

Along with that keeping in mind the era from which Micromax belonged, they were able to provide you with a very promising battery backup which was unlikely keeping in mind the contemporaries.

Along with the battery, another factor which is very important for Micromax is that these phones were extremely sturdy. And if you wanted to have a phone which was good for rough usage and will not break up on you whenever you need it then there can never be a competitor to Micromax. We have to say in this respect that Micromax was the end product of a lot of research and that is the reason why these phones are so well built.

Current Scenario Of Micromax As a Brand

Now that we have got a fair understanding of Micromax company belongs to which country and how was the origin of Micromax so promising, it is important that we even discuss the current scenario.

Unfortunately, Micromax was not able to hold on to the reputation it built primarily and that was even reinforced with the influx of Chinese companies like Vivo.

Most of the devices that they built became outdated and they even lost out on customers because of client experience that was heavily compromised.

The crux of Micromax’s decline was that they were unable to compete with the Chinese brands which brought phones with a lot of features and that too at a much lesser price.

Micromax has always been a much loved brand which originated from India. We ensure not only do you know Micromax company belongs to which country, but also have an understanding of its origin and how it rose to popularity. Although there have been a lot of attempts  at resurrection of the brand, unfortunately, the result has not been much promising.

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