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Signs She Is Making Love to You

Signs She Is Making Love to You

Are you confused about whether she loves you or just pretending? When in love it is very important to know what your partner feels about you or else it may end up in a heartbreaking state.

Be it just hanging out or intimacy, knowing what it is in the mind of the woman you’re dating can be difficult. So if you want to know if your girl really loves you or not, then here are some signs that will help you to clear your mind. These are the signs to understand whether she is making love to you or just pretending.

1.She is interested in having sex- Positive Sign 

Trust is the basic pillar of any relationship and to build trust we often leave behind the signs which we should exactly notice.

To have a better understanding of your relationship, these signs whether she is making love to you or not will help you to clear your mind:

When having intimacy she may turn off sooner than you expect and even be okay if not satisfied fully.

  • There will be less romance and sometimes she may push you away to kiss her randomly.
  • When a woman isn’t in love it is very easy to know as in times of having intimacy she will be only interested in having sex and not about your feelings.

In fact, she won’t even care whether you’re satisfied or enjoying it. All she wants is to have sexual penetration.

  • It will all depend on her moods and at times she will be only in a rush and not let the romance come to make room between both of you.

2.She is interested in you more than just having sex – Positive Sign 

Relationships are about putting in equal effort and if it is only you who is in love and putting effort, then sooner or later it may end up breaking.

But many times men stay confused about their relationships. To know if your girl truly holds true intentions for you, here are some signs to know if she is making love to you.

  • She will always take her time to kiss you and will never push you away in times of sweet hugs, cuddles and deep kisses.
  • She will never rush the process just to jump into sexual penetration, rather she will make the romance affectionate and also allow you to be fully satisfied.
  • In times of intimacy, her concern will not only be about having sex, rather she will make sure whether you’re satisfied or enjoying too or not.
  • During making love or having romance, even if she wants you to enjoy it, she will be more focused on your mood and try to understand your feelings first at the moment.
  • There will be less sex and more foreplay like kisses and touches.

3.She isn’t interested in having sex- Negative Sign 

Sometimes, it can be really confusing for a man to ask her woman about having sex. For instance, it can be a feeling of hesitation.

But what is more confusing is to understand if she is interested in having sex or not. So, here are some signs to know if she is making love to you or just pretending.

  • She will avoid getting involved in a romantic atmosphere. Even if you bring up a topic she will prefer not to talk about it.
  • In moments where you want to kiss or touch her, she will try her best to avoid getting rid of the moment. In fact, many times you may notice she won’t be even accepting or responding to kisses and romance.
  • Even if she agrees to have sex or gets involved at the moment, she won’t be doing much. In such moments, all her concern will be about you getting satisfied as early as possible. This is because she wants you to stop as soon as you finish.
  • From kisses, hugs, cuddles to having sex, everything will not give any feeling of satisfaction and may seem as if it’s a force.

Notice her intentions… 

Therefore, love is all about having genuine feelings for each other and if you think your girl is neglecting romance and foreplays and just wants to have sex with you, then definitely it isn’t love.

On the other hand, if your girl is more concerned about your satisfaction as well as your mood above having sex, then know you’re lucky and know it is a sign that she is making love to you.

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