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5 Medical Benefits of Marijuana That You Probably Never knew


We all know that Marijuana is considered to be one of the most illegal substances today. There are people who support the legalization of this substance just because it comes with several benefits.

Yes!! You read it right. It is a major concern that the potential risks of marijuana can outweigh its benefits. We know that most of the people are not aware of the fact that marijuana comes with several health benefits.

So, if you are curious to get some more information then read further.

  • Helping In Pain Management 

Pain is said to be the alarm of any disease. It could be because of an accident or any illness. Marijuana is proved for helping in pain management.

This is one of the best benefits of marijuana. The presence of cannabinoid in marijuana helps in altering the pain perception pathways in the brain which further helps in the reduction of pain.

It is known for helping the patients dealing from arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, migraine and more. The patients suffering from arthritis are usually given Sativex.

It is a cannabinoid-based medicine that helps in pain reduction, inflammation, and helps in promoting sleep. Hence, CBD has been proved positive in suppressing the pain through different types of mechanisms.

  • Slowing and stopping Down the Cancer Cells from Spreading 

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that does not spare the life of an individual in most cases. The top benefit of marijuana has been proved that Cannabinoid has the potential to stop cancer. It can turn off the gene known as Id-1 which basically causes cancer.

The researchers at California Pacific Medical Center located in San Francisco performed a test on breast cancer cells that had a high level of Id-1 and treated it with CBD.

By treating it with CBD, the level of Id-1 decreased. This proved that cannabinoids can stop the spread of cancer. Besides this, it has been founded and proved by the American Association for Cancer Research that marijuana can actually stop tumor growth in the breast, brain and lungs too.

  • Decreases Anxiety Problems and providing help in eliminating nightmares 

It has been proven that the low doses of marijuana can help in improving the anxiety problems of a smoker. This is the most popular benefit of marijuana

Beware of the fact that high doses can cause high anxiety problems and can make one paranoid. Many of us have nightmare problems because the ones dealing with anxiety probably think a lot.

For the ones dealing with nightmare problems, marijuana could be both helpful and harmful. It could be really advantageous in the early stages but can cause problems in the later stage.

Marijuana has resulted in decreasing the number of nightmares by offering better sleep. It further offers help in improving sleep disorders like insomnia.

  • Protection After Brain Stroke

Another amazing benefit of marijuana for health is that marijuana comes with protection after brain stroke. The rate of brain stroke has increased in the past few years.

Even if the patient lives on, he/she faces many other health problems. With marijuana, it has been proved that it can surely offer some help.

The researchers from the University of Nottingham have tested on rats, monkeys and mice and have proven that marijuana can improve the area affected by stroke by reducing its size.

It has also been proven that cannabinoids can help the brain after it has been through other traumatic events including concussion.

  • Treating Inflammation 

The presence of cannabinoids in marijuana helps in reducing inflammation which further helps in improving the health. Marijuana for health has been proved helpful.

It helps in benefiting the patients who are dealing with inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Also, the patients dealing with inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis could also receive help by consuming marijuana as it helps in making the intestinal bond tighter and together.

These are some of the benefits that marijuana comes with. It also has many side effects and as mentioned earlier Marijuana is strictly prohibited in many countries and their states.

Doses of cannabinoids are put into medicine to help the patients and to improve their health conditions. Although, the researchers and the lawmakers are looking forward to knowing more about the benefits and the advantages that marijuana comes with.

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