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All You Need to Know About Shattered Throne Map

Shattered Throne Map

Shattered Throne is a dungeon that was first introduced in a video game named Destiny 2. The dungeon asks guardians to slay Dûl Incaru before the dark curse of dreaming city hits the entire region. It gives rewards that are powerful and increases the level of power for individual players.

Shattered Throne Map covers all the area from the labyrinth to the last boss Dul Incaru. It helps to destroy all the seven temples situated in the most complex area. However, to clear out the temples one must understand the connection between the temples as they are interconnected through symbols and particular order.

There are a few steps that will help a player to reach his goal. To understand the complete route let us have a look at the parts.

First Part of Shattered Throne Map: The Labyrinth

Inside that monochromic Realm of Ascendant, a map is necessary to keep going. It is the first as well as the most difficult part of the game. Shattered Throne Map helps understand the interconnected relationship between the seven different temples and leads the path to clear them. There is a certain way to complete this task and every time the order is different.

To make it up to the dungeon one have to start from the temple i.e., situated in the lower middle. The temple has a symbol of a diving bird on it. As soon as you start encountering first you have to finish off the yellow-bar ultra residing inside the temple. As you kill it a symbol will appear on the floor. Find the symbol on the map and then head towards the corresponding temple.

Follow this process until you find your way back towards the diving bird cathedral. In the end, a mini-boss will show up, now to get rid of it and claim the powerful loot you have to eliminate it from the equation. After that drop down to the next part.

Second Part of Shattered Throne Map: The Hike

The second part and another important portion of Shattered Throne Map is The Hike. There is a linear path for the players that leads to an open space again. During the linear path, players need to equip themselves with such equipment that will help them to deal with the sniping of Taken Vandals from the above.

Next, you have to kill the mini-boss that you will find in front of a big door when you reach the top. Then you will be able to use that door and take you to the long hallway that has a broken bridge running from the centre of it. Around the scaffolding Knights and Taken Hobgoblins will be there that need to be eliminated.

A long-range weapon is required to defeat them and then the player has to take the left route by moving up. Moving forward there will be a platform haunted by dark souls. There will be a cavern having criss-cross beams on it. The task is to reach the door at the far left and stay alive.

Third Part of Shattered Throne Map: Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger

It is the time where you will find the first boss in the entire Shattered Throne Map who is being protected by four Wizards who need to be killed so that their dropped orbs can be collected. To reduce Vorgeth’s shield these four spheres must be put inside a lamp of the arena and once the shield is down Vorgeth can be killed.

Try to kill him in the first cycle of DPS because during the second rotation you will be exposed as the cycle ends. Once Vorgeth is dead collect the necessary stuff and moves forward.

Fourth Part of Shattered Throne Map: Dul Incaru

It is the part where players meet the second boss of the game. Though Dul Incaru is an easy prey than Vorgeth there are other difficulties too. Such as electric discharge that can give damage to the player, or the three champions that protect Dul Incaru.

To DPS her first you have to kill the wizards and collect their dropped orbs. These orbs will weaken her so that you can kill her in a single DPS Cycle. If everything goes according to strategy Dul Incaru will die after taking the final orb.

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