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Dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day Activities

Dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day Activities

Advancements in technology have opened many closed doors for mankind. Humans now have answers to many questions which seemed to be miraculous in the past. But, due to these advancements in technology, we are now more dependent on it, and one of the technologies to which we are addicted is artificial intelligence. This article on the blog will discuss the ‘Dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our Day to Day Activities.

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Topics to be covered

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Artificial Intelligence?
  • AI: A Dominating Technology
    • Social media and Job Portal
    • Digital and Home Assistants
    • Self-Driving Vehicles
    • Medical Treatment
    • Email communications
    • Web Browsing
    • Departmental Stores and E-Commerce services
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

In this first section of the blog post, we are going to introduce this mysterious technology to you. Simply Artificial Intelligence means automation through coding. Let’s check what the actual definition says. Artificial intelligence is, in a nutshell, the simulation of human intelligence by technology and systems.

Humans program machines to replicate their natural abilities. By using such intelligent machines we will be able to combine human intelligence with machinery abilities to do problem-solving efficiently and provide a highly optimized solution to real-life problems. By combining the two different domains we give machines abilities to build logic and do reasoning, generalize things like humans, and make themselves better by learning from past experiences.

Researchers and developers in this field are quickly developing simulations for machines to mimic human behaviours. Some believe it won’t be long until inventors can design systems that are superior to what humans can learn or comprehend now.

Here we conclude the introduction portion of our topic, let’s move forward and get enlightened about the use of this technology.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

In the previous section, we had a word about artificial intelligence we deciphered the term artificial intelligence for you. In this section, we are going to enlighten you on the reasons why the use of artificial intelligence is increasing exponentially. From the previous section, we understood that artificial intelligence offers automation and intelligence to machines. Let’s see what more it can do.

We are aware that artificial intelligence integrates human intelligence with machines, and that by using this combination, we are able to improve the capabilities of machines in a number of sectors. As a result, we have observed a notable improvement in the yields produced by machines.

The efficiency of the machines has increased and systems have become fault tolerant. Because of the concepts involving artificial intelligence machines possesses a very high uptime which makes machines available more for providing services. With the help of AI execution of tasks related to computing becomes easy to carry out in an efficient manner.

 We have many reasons to get on going with this technology as it makes our work better in various ways. In the next section, we will check out the pointers of why this technology is dominating our world.

AI: A Dominating Technology

Now we are about to explore the heart of the blog. In this section, we will explore how we are this technology has become a part of our lives. Algorithms are prepared which are tested over some data. Check out the below list of domains which are an inseparable part of our lives.

Social media and Job Portal

There are several algorithms which work in the backend of the applications. These algorithms are used to increase your reach over the respective platforms to make your content more engaging. Moreover, this also helps you to get relevant content according to your choices. Applications like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more hire numerous developers to prepare these algorithms to provide you with the smoothest experience while using their services.

Also as social media is becoming handy for many small businesses, algorithms prepared on the concepts of AI help young entrepreneurs to do target advertising and hence increase their reach. Due to the property of AI “Algorithm gets better with previous data” owners of these applications are able to provide unbiased platforms where they can come up with their thoughts.

Digital and Home Assistants

Google, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and many more. We all love to play with these assistants, right? These applications are also built on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. These beauties help the users to do various tasks with ease, and you don’t have to touch the device to interact with them. AI plays a major role in their functioning because with every user interaction these applications get better.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Deep learning, a branch of AI, is used by self-driving and parking cars to recognise the area around the car. Automaker Nvidia says artificial intelligence (AI) gives cars “the power to observe, understand, and learn, so they can handle a practically endless range of conceivable driving circumstances.” Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, and Tesla automobiles already have the company’s AI-powered technology, which is set to transform driving habits and enable self-driving cars.

Medical Treatment

Artificial Intelligence has brought a revolution in the field of medical science. AI matters a lot for the healthcare sector it’s a case of life and death. Machines based on AI help doctors and associated staff to perform surgeries and enhance the overall outcome of the treatment provided to the patient. Artificial Intelligence provides an accurate diagnosis of diseases and also helps to predict the consequences of any infectious disease by analyzing the data provided by the government.

Email communications

In email communications, AI is used in two ways the first one is by classifying the email according to the content and sender’s details, and the other one is the smart replies as per the content received. The classification categories are Primary, Social, Promotion, Spam, and so on.

Web Browsing

Search engines use artificial intelligence to predict the search results for users based on their web activity. Web browsers collect data like the location of the user, web history, and personal details to guess the results. Algorithms used in the whole process are continuously optimized by collecting the user’s data.

Departmental Stores and E-Commerce services

E-commerce applications use artificial intelligence to provide users with the most relevant search results according to their choices. These applications track your searches, and your behaviour over the web and after analysing the collected data provides the search results and help you to find the most relevant product.

That’s it we have completed our last section of the blog now is the time to jump to the conclusion and summarize the main pointers.


Congratulations on making it to the finals, in the blog post, we learned about the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, why we need it and its significance in our day-to-day life. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay for a long time with us. Everything in our daily lives is becoming smarter thanks to AI, from our toothbrushes to our dining tables. AI dominate us, and now we cannot imagine a world without it.