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How to Attract a Man with Your Breast?

How to Attract a Man with Your Breast?

hat do you think men love doing the most during sex? Yes, it is true that men love playing with breasts as it makes them go crazy. Just a little sight of them makes a man excited.

So women have a good authority to attract men. But just doing little things with your breast isn’t enough. So here are some things you should do with your breasts to drive your man crazy.

  • Jingle and flaunt them in front of him 

Do you think just wearing a tight top is everything needed to attract a man? Flaunting and teasing a man with your boobs does that as well.

The best way to attract a man with your breasts is wearing a tight top and keeping the bottom loose. This way you’ll be able to draw his attention to your breasts as well as the shape.

  • Try breast grinding or put his hands on them

In moments when you’re close to your man, he will definitely adore and touch your boobs. Another thing you should know about how to attract a man with your breast is to pull him towards you and put his hands on your boobies.

Men love when a woman commands during intimacy, so you can bring a different charm to the moment by simply whispering in his ears to put his hands on your breasts.

Another way is breast grinding. This can be done by simply getting close to him in a way that your breast gets to touch his body. Also, make sure that your breasts are in the right shape so that he can feel the softness of your boobs.

  • Wear a sexy or transparent bra

Another way to attract your male partner is to choose the right bra. Instead of choosing anything, opt-in for a sexy and attractive bra. Wearing a sexier bra means dragging more attention to your man.

You can also opt-in for a bra that is kind of transparent or which is more revealing as this will turn him on in minutes. Sometimes, not wearing a bra can also do everything.

This is because the shape of the free breast will always cut his eyes. By doing this he will not be able to control his eyes and his lust towards you will grow more.

  • Pinch them in front of him

Are you searching for ways about how to attract a man with your breast? To take the teasing even a notch higher, all you need to do is simply pinch your nipples in front of him.

As said earlier, men like it more when women dominate them during intimacy. So let him explore all of you and make him curious about what is hiding inside.

  • Bounce them up and down

Another way of attracting a man with your breasts is by simply bouncing them up and down. This will really get his attention as men love boobs and how it plumps.

So when you’re in bed add a little bounce to your walk or shake a little to turn him on. You can also give him a perfect view of your curves by walking slowly and in a sexy way.

  • The all-time hit technique- wearing a wet T-shirt

Besides all that, wearing a tight top and a sexy bra, a white shirt which are unprinted plays a major role in attracting a man with your breasts. The reason behind this is that a wet white shirt will show off your boobs and drive him wild and crazy.

If you’re looking for ideas about how to attract a man with your breasts, know that men have loved breasts since the beginning of time.

  • Use them as a pillow

Do you know you can use your breast as a pillow? If you were unaware then know this is another trick you should know about how to attract a man with your breast! 

Once you give him your breast to rest on, he will surely end up doing more than that. He will get attracted in no time and press his face on your breasts and unleash his inner child.

Find out the right idea… 

Therefore, be it your husband, boyfriend or any other guy, men love to explore especially when it is a woman’s body. So all you need is to have the right idea about how to use your breasts to attract and blow his brains out with pleasure.

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