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Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform?

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform?

Guessing you are here because you are a gamer!! Alongside millions of games, you must be aware of Conan Exiles which is a single-player and multiplayer survival game based on the Conan books and graphic novels.

It was published on the 8th of May in the year 2018 and again on the 8th of June in the year 2021.

Just after a few days of its release, everyone started to wonder if it will be released for consoles or not.

The game is known to have the ability to allow multiplayer play with their friends on any platform.

On the other hand, for those who are unaware, Cross-platform can be understood as the platform which allows the players to communicate with one another regardless of the type of system they are using.

It is all done by allowing the gaming platforms to share the same internet server in a game.

Being aware of both the game and the Cross-Platform, many gamers are wondering if “is Conan exiles cross-platform? 

If you have the same question, then you are in luck. Here in this article, you would get a chance to discover all the relevant information. Just keep reading until the end.

Understanding Conan Exiles Cross-Play 

Before you discover the answer is Conan Exiles a cross-platform? Let’s understand first what Conan Exiles Cross play is all about.

Usually, it is very common that most people are still not aware whether Conan Exiles features cross-platform multiplayer or not.

So to get to the point, let’s understand the true meaning of cross-play from a closer view.

Firstly, know that there are three different cross functions in video games where cross-play is the first one which allows players to play a game with their friends regardless of the type of platform they are using.

Then comes the second one which is known as cross-generation multiplayer which allows the gamers to have fun with their friends while playing a game.

However, this is only possible if others are also using the same brand and model of gaming console.

Lastly, comes the cross-progression where the player is allowed to exchange their progress with the other platforms. But the question that still remains constant asks “is Conan Exiles a cross-platform? 

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the chance to play a game with a friend who has a completely different gaming system on one console?

Amazing right!!

But that would only be possible when cross-stage play becomes accessible. Gamers will get a chance to receive information in return that may be needed for the game.

Since the game was released back in the year 2018, it has gained immense appreciation so far. But still, many gamers wonder “is Conan Exiles cross-platform”?

However, you should know that the Conan Exiles game can be easily played on Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

But unfortunately, there are limitations that gamers might have to encounter when playing cross-stage play in Conan Exiles.

This may even feel like an obstacle to your enjoyment which the game was supposed to offer.

Despite the fact that it is available on a variety of gaming platforms, you might feel disappointed to discover that it is unsupported and players using different consoles have no chance to interact with one another.

Moreover, it lacks integration which has made it impossible for the users of the  Xbox One or Playstation 4 to interact with other players from such devices.

But if you are still eager to know if the game would be cross-platform in the future or not – then you are suggested to visit the official website of Conan Exiles.

Furthermore, you can also visit the Conan Exiles forums that exist on the internet for any latest updates.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform through PC And PS4 / PS5? 

No, it’s not. But still, you might be having questions like “is Conan Exiles cross-platform through PC, PS4 and PS5”? The answer is negative.

The game has to be purchased individually for the PS4 and PC if you are looking forward to playing it with your friends.

While on the other hand, there are no such predictions made if the game would be cross-platform in the future or not.

As nothing has been confirmed by Funcom, it would be better if no statements were made.

Nevertheless, it makes no sense for Funcom to come up with the cross-platform feature that PC, PS4 and PS5 have besides being the leading gaming platforms.

Hence, it is safe to just wait and watch what happens next or keep a track of the Official website of the game rather than making an assumption.

What Should One Do if Conan Exiles is not a Cross-Platform? 

Now that you know the real answer to “is Conan Exiles cross-platform”, the question that stands after this is what can be done next?

Well, know that the game Conan Exiles does offer support for a two-player game even though it does not support cross-platform play options yet.

As it comes with a co-op gaming feature, it would be good to say that this makes a terrific deal to eliminate the no cross-platform concern.

This means even if you do not have the cross-platform option available, you are still given the choice to choose the civilised mode by selecting the Co-Op mode from decadent mode, custom mode and barbaric code. You can easily customize the difficulty settings as per your choice.

Also, you can invite your friends to join and play directly. This is because the Co-Op feature comes with another excellent benefit where you have a distance system.

In simple words, if your friend is located close to you, then you both are good to go. But keep in mind, that you both cannot share the screen as there is no support for the split screening feature.

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