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Realme Company Belongs to Which Country? Is Realme A Chinese Company?

Realme Company Belongs to Which Country

Realme is a rising company which manufactures and sells mobiles globally. Nowadays this company has become really famous in India. Indian markets are generally full of Realme phones and nowadays a lot of Indians prefer using Realme phones too because of their good quality and other features at affordable prices.

But there is a lot of doubt and question about- Is Realme a Chinese Company or an Indian company. It is only natural to doubt its actual origin after the crazy popularity that this mobile phone has gained nowadays.

In this article, you will be able to know all about Realme and Realme Company belongs to which country.

The Origin of Realme | Realme Company Belongs To Which Country

RealMe came into existence in the year 2018 on the 4th of May. This company has a long history of establishment which specifically answers Realme company belongs to which country.

Former Oppo Vice President Sky Li established this company. So technically it is a Chinese brand which answers the question of- is RealMe a Chinese Company or not.

Initially, when this company was established it was set up under BBK Electronics as a sub-brand of the very famous “Oppo” mobiles and electronics.

Later on, this company broke off as an independent company as “RealMe”. The headquarters of this company is located in Shenzhen, China. Sky Li, the founder of this company, resigned from Oppo to join RealMe.

This is a Chinese smartphone company which is based in Shenzhen, China. In November 2018 this phone introduced a new logo. The RealMe company has also conducted its first official conference in the year 2019 in Beijing China.

RealMe also has global clients in a total of 18 countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

RealMe started its journey in India at the same time, in 2018, May. RealMe started operating in this country as soon as the first model of mobile phone was launched by this Company. This fact always confuses people about RealMe company belongs to which country.

It belongs to a Chinese company but has created a strong customer base and market space in India where there is a lot of value in cheap and best products.

RealMe has established around 25 service centres all across India by the end of 2019 to increase its sphere of influence over the Indian people.

Why is Realme So Famous? Is Realme a Chinese Company? Or Indian Company? 

RealMe phones are extremely famous, the reason is simple, the audiences are satisfied with their performance so they demand more phones and models of the same brand and the brand also keeps on producing a lot of other models with new features and more affordability and improved functionality of the phone as well.

A lot of people still are hesitant to buy RealMe products as there are still doubts is RealMe a Chinese Company, but a larger segment of the population demands their phones.

Firstly this phone is a budget-friendly phone. You can easily afford this phone because this phone has a really low budget. Not only that, this phone has an impressive performance compared to the low budget in which it is sold.

The durability is amazing and a lot of people are impressed by its stylish designs. The phones have a good display too. Different designs are updated keeping in mind the changing likes and dislikes of the people.

The storage is also amazing and not only that the phones of this company also have good battery life. A lot of Chinese products are non-durable so there is another reason to doubt which RealMe company belongs to which country.

RealMe Company’s Influence Over Indian Market

The first RealMe phone was launched in the Indian Market through Amazon in May 2018. Until then RealMe only had an online presence only. But with the growing popularity of the phone offline stores were also set up.

The prices of the phone’s different models are starting as low as 5000 Rupees only, which makes smartphones of good quality available to even people who are broke or low on budget. The best entry-level smartphone of the year- Metrotvnews, Editor’s choice 2018, India is an amazing achievement award won by the Chinese Company RealMe.

You’ll have inbuilt apps which are useful for your future use. You can turn on auto-call recording, you can change autofill services, these phones also have a dedicated google assistant button by which you can search or do anything that you wish with the help of these phones. You can have dual or clone apps on the RealMe phones.

Not only that you can customize the navigation bars according to your preference and Choice. The storage managers in these phones are also designed smartly. You can free up a lot of space with the WhatsApp cleaner and unnecessary hidden files can also be cleaned with this advanced cleaning system.

This RealMe company belongs to which country is not a tough question but it is hard to believe Chinese manufacturers are making such huge progress when it comes to mobile manufacturing.

Which Company is the Owner of RealMe?

BBK Electronics Corporation is the parent company of RealMe. RealMe now has broken off as an individual company and not under the influence of BBK Electronics and is also no longer a sub-brand under the famous Mobile Manufacturers of Oppo.

Is RealMe a Chinese Company? BBK Electronics is a multinational conglomerate based in China. This company was founded in the year 1995, 18th of September, 26 years ago.

This company specialises in the production of various electronic gadgets and devices, especially it is famous for engaging in the production process of television sets, MP3 players, digital cameras and smartphones. It has earned its spot as one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the whole world.

It is a privately owned company. This company has produced the top brands in the world apart from RealMe these are Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, iQOO, and iMoo. All of these brands especially Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus including RealMe have made a huge market presence in the Indian space.

Indians have a huge demand for these phones due to their good features and affordability. OnePlus is also a rising phone brand which has the closest features to that of the iPhone. The answer to which RealMe company belongs to which country is quite clear.

Does RealMe have a Manufacturing Unit in India? 

A lot of people in India are now mesmerized by the amazing quality of mobile phones produced by RealMe which is a Chinese Company, but a lot of people don’t know that the manufacturing of RealMe phones has also started in India.

The fast-growing demand for RealMe goods among the Indian people has made way for the top people to create and operate a manufacturing unit of RealMe phones in the country itself. The CEO of RealMe India is Madhav Seth.

They have also thought of starting out local factories too for increasing profit. RealMe India is a very popular Indian startup which is now a Global MNC. RealMe India also sought to create more job opportunities for the Indian youth.

India as a whole nation contributes to over 50% of the total sales of the company which is a huge portion of their success. The question of RealMe company belongs to which country is natural to arise with having a large customer base in India itself.

Should Indians Buy RealMe Phones? | Different Realme Phone Models

Here is a detailed description of different most popular RealMe models and phones showing why one should buy RealMe phones and whether it is profitable for a person to buy a RealMe phone.

1.Realme 5i

The price of this RealMe phone is 10,199. Other Product features include the facility of

Dual Sim, 3G, 4G, VoLTE and also enabling  Wifi.

The processor of this phone is also amazing which is Snapdragon 665, Octa-Core, 2 GHz Processor, there is also great storage 4 GB RAM, 64 GB inbuilt and also not to mention great battery life of 5000 mAh Battery.

The screen of this phone is 6.52 inches, and the display is 720 x 1600 px with an additional Water Drop Notch. The camera quality is 12 MP Quad Rear & 8 MP Front Camera. Memory Card is also Supported, upto 256 GB which is amazing. It is an Android v9.0 (Pie) version.

2.RealMe 6

This phone costs Rs 14,820. It comes with great features for this affordable price which can support Dual Sim, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, and can also support Wi-Fi. The processor of this phone also has good performance which is Helio G90T, Octa-Core, 2.05 GHz Processor.

There is sufficient storage of 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB inbuilt in the RealMe 6. With a 4300 mAh Battery with Fast Charging, it has impressive battery life. The screen is 6.5 inches, 1080 x 2400 px, 90 Hz Display comes with a Punch Hole.

The camera quality is also appreciable of 64 MP Quad Rear & 16 MP Front Camera. A memory card is also supported in this phone where you can store upto 256 GB. The android version is Android v10.

3.RealMe X2 

The price of this mobile phone is Rs 20,999. This phone supports Dual Sim, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi. The processor is also great which is Snapdragon 730G, Octa-Core, and 2.2 GHz Processor. It has a lot of storage of 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB inbuilt.

The battery life is 4000 mAh Battery comes with Fast Charging. The screen is 6.4 inches, 1080 x 2340 px Display with Water Drop Notch.

The camera quality is also superb with 64 MP Quad Rear & 32 MP Front Camera. A Memory Card is supported, upto 256 GB. The android version is Android v9.0 (Pie).

Different Other Products Produced by RealMe 

RealMe as a company is huge and therefore mostly known for the production of mobile phones only. However, there are other Products too which are produced by this company.

These products similarly too are affordable and also of good quality with good performance and consumer reviews. Some of the other products that are manufactured by RealMe are as follows:

  1. Tablet Computers

This is a very trendy gadget used nowadays. Similar to phones but larger in size. Mainly used for gaming and other official work.

  1. Earphones

This gadget is used to listen to music and other audio by connecting it to any other digital device like a mobile, laptop, tablet etc.

  1. Power Banks

This is also a very useful product using which you can charge your phone anywhere without electricity or a charger.

  1. Realme UI

The UI (User Interface) of a device is extremely essential to provide a better user experience.

  1. Phone cases

With the help of phone cases you can easily keep your phone in a safe space and unharmed.

  1. AIoT products

IoT or the Internet of Things, has become the trend today to offer seamless connectivity among various devices existing in the same ecosystem.

  1. Bags

RealMe produces stylish bags with which you can carry things easily. The quality of these bags is also appreciated.

  1. Smart TVs

You can control what to watch on these TVs. These TVs are different from regular TVs because they have better features.

  1. Smart Watches

The company also produces some cool smart Watches using which you can not only watch the time but also call, use social media and so many more exciting features.


The answer to the question RealMe Company belongs to which country is clear in this article, where you can solve the question is that is Realme a Chinese Company.

But doubts regarding RealMe being an Indian company was also to a large extent due to the manufacturing units of RealMe in India itself. It is only natural to question it.

Indian people have welcomed the RealMe company into its territory because of its amazing performance and other factors like durability, good storage and most importantly affordability. RealMe products are also known to have good camera quality so a lot of people also buy the RealMe phones for their good camera quality.

Overall it is a smart purchase for a lot of people. That is the reason why this company has attained global popularity and not only in India.

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