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Maya Rose Estes – What You Should Know About Her

Maya Rose Estes

Do you know about Maya Rose Estes? Have you heard about Maya Rose Estes? If not, then this post is for you. This post is about Maya Rose Estes. Maya Rose Estes is the loving daughter of Mr. Rob Estes and his ex-wife, Josie Bissett. Maya Rose Estes’s father Rob is a famous actor in the United States. He is popular for his special roles as Harry Wilson on 90210, Sgt. Chris Lorenzo on Silk Stalking’s, and Kyle McBride on Melrose Place. Maya Rose Estes’s mother, Josie Bissett, is also an actress in the United States. Josie Bissett is well known for her role as Jane Mancini on the TV show Melrose Place, as well as her roles in television films from the last 3 decades. Maya Rose Estes was not his parents’ only child. Rob & Josie, Maya Rose Estes’s parents, welcomed her into the world in 1999 means Maya Rose Estes was born on 14th April 2002 and in 2022 Maya Rose Estes turned 20 years old. Maya Rose Estes was born in Los Angeles in the United States. Maya Rose Estes has 1 brother named Mason True Estes.

What brought Maya’s parents together?

Maya Rose Estes’s parents Rob & Josie first time met on the set of Melrose Place. Then they started dating together and later they decided to get marries and took their romance to the next level.

Maya Rose Estes’s parents Rob & Josie married on May 1, 1992 in front of their friends and family. In 1996 Maya Rose Estes’s mother Bissett had a miscarriage before giving birth to Mason in 1999 and Maya Rose Estes in 2002. In 2006 Maya Rose Estes’s parents divorced, with Rob Estes leaving their Seattle home at his wife’s request.

Maya Rose Estes’s parents Rob & Josie moved on after the divorce. On 15th June 2010 Rob married to Erin Bolte, a teacher, and surfer and they have a son Makai Ever, born on 29th April, 2011. Now Rob Estes and his wife Erin live in San Clemente, California, with their 2 sons Mason True Estes & Makai. Maya Rose Estes’s mother Josie Bissett lives in Seattle. On 4th July, 2017, she married to Thomas Doig. Now Maya Rose Estes lives in Seattle with her mother Josie Bissett.

Here we have shared the complete information about Maya Rose Estes. We hope you liked this post and it has increased your knowledge about Maya Rose Estes.

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