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Top 10 Aerospace companies in Bangalore

Top 10 Aerospace companies in Bangalore

An Aerospace company primarily deals with the production of flight vehicles and gets engaged in related research. The spacecraft product can be related to passenger airplanes, military airplanes, gliders, or helicopters. They can also manufacture space-related items like satellites, launch vehicles, etc. 

The progress of any company in this industry depends upon the advancement of technology. As of now, the US is the largest market of aerospace in the world having 49% of the global share. 

The market for Aerospace and Defense is growing with good statistics. There are many aerospace companies in Bangalore that have taken part in this progress actively.

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited: It is one of the renowned companies in the Aeronautics industry. Established in 1940, this is an old and large brand like very few companies in India. 

With their latest technology, they are experts in manufacturing fighter jets and their engines, chopper, the engine of marine gas turbines, upgraded aircraft for the military, spare parts, and many more items of Aeronautics

All their products are sustainable and unique in quality. They have world-class technology and thus they receive fighter plane contracts from the Indian Military. 

The first office of the company was established by WALCHAND HIRACHAND in Bangalore. And now this is one of the best among aerospace companies in Bangalore. Out of 351 reviews on Google, they have received 4.4 out of 5. 

2. ROLLS-ROYCE: With more than 80 years of experience ROLLS-ROYCE is another leading organization with the efficient power of creating products according to the requirement of the market. 

This company did a venture with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited & manufactured efficient products. 

They use excellent engineered tools to manufacture the parts and machines of aerospace. Even in recent years, they have created products that have been used in rockets. 

For years they have maintained their legacies and supplied a product that helped mankind to grow more. 

3. Bangalore Aircraft Industries: It was incorporated in the year 2008 and since then they are manufacturing products with absolute innovation and creativity. 

Their products are safe to use and highly qualified in terms of quality, and this has helped them to enlist their name in top aerospace companies in Bangalore. 

They have a school of pilot training of their own and also provide transportation services in Bangalore. Soon they will be launching civil air crafts. 

4. Asteria Aerospace: This company is excellent when it comes to making customized products. 

Their self-working products are excellent and specialized according to the demand of their client. They can also provide solutions based on drones for actionable intelligence. 

Asteria Aerospace is excellent in artificial intelligence and robotics, their navigation tools are specialized which helps them to offer complete solutions for the police force, military or para-military. 

In 2015 Mr. Neel Meheta founded this brand and since then this organization has played an excellent role in this industry and has improved its services with complete focus and excellent knowledge. 

5. Collins Aerospace: Established in 2018, this company has expertise in aviation, marine, and military aerospace for their expert technologies. 

Some of their manufactured products are being exported to foreign countries & that is because they pay attention to every small detail. 

It is a subsidiary company of the world’s largest company in aerospace, i.e., Raytheon Technologies. 

This organization comes under the list of the top 10 Aerospace companies in Bangalore. The company is divided into divisions like aerostructures, mechanical systems, interiors, and many other parts. And every division has expert staff who makes sure the quality of the product remains perfect. 

6. Gloinnt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: This aerospace company has efficient consultants in the field and can provide engineering services with a complete solution. On April 13, 2016, this private company was incorporated. 

The primary focus of this organization is to deliver updated aircraft engines through their invented technology and latest tools. 

Leena Jasper and Jasper Augustine Ramaswamy are the founders of the company. 

The organization has secured its position within the top 10 aerospace companies in Bangalore through its innovation and achievements.

7. Airbus Group India Pvt. Ltd

On 18th December of 1970 Franz Josef, Roger Beteille, and Henri Ziegler created this brand. Bangalore is one of the many headquarters of this very organization. 

This company is considered to be the biggest manufacturer of fighter jets and the top supplier of civil aircraft to the military in Bangalore. 

They also supply their product outside of the country. The main job of this company is to maintain the defense aircraft through their propulsion system of testing. 

Over the year their research and focused analytics has bought them improvement and success in the field.

8. Boeing India Pvt. Ltd.

The company was founded 105 years back in 1916, on 15th July. One of the ancient aerospace companies was started in India in 1940. The headquarters is located in Chicago. 

They produce parts for aircraft, rotorcrafts, satellites, telecom equipment, and many more. They also offer services like product support or lease. 

Their produced fighter planes even get sold in dollars to other nations. According to 2018’s reports, this company is the second-largest contractor of defense aircraft.

9. UniMech Aerospace

One of the fastest-growing companies in this industry is UniMech. ANIL KUMAR PUTHAN is the CEO of this organization. It was started in the year 2016. 

The services they offer include Machining Fixtures, MRO Tooling, MACHINE PARTS, gas & Oil, and many more. 

The objective behind the formation of this company was to create impactful products by channeling the individual talent of the people. 

As years passed, they brought skills and manufacturing components together to ensure the international standard quality of their products.

10. Team Indus

On 12th Feb 2017 it was incorporated as a research lab named Axiom Research Lab. They maintain all the safety protocols as they keep on researching and developing various parts of aircraft.  As a partner of Orbit Beyond they have worked on the mission of the lunar rover. They have received a great number of good feedback for their innovative creation.

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