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How to Activate Peacock TV

How to Activate Peacock TV

Peacock, the streaming service from NBC Universal launched its service on July 15, 2020.  It features free as well as premium subscriptions. But many of us still don’t know about the complete process of “Peacock TV Activate” and get the most out of it.

Check out the subscription options first, and then we’ll talk more in detail about Peacock Activate process.

There are three types of subscription options to choose from –

(i) The Free option with advertisements that offer limited access

(ii) The Premium option comes at $4.99 per month with full access, and

(iii) Premium Plus comes for $9.99 per month which also has full access.

The only difference between Premium and Premium Plus is the advertisement content- although a premium user, Peacock Premium comes with a whole lot of ads while Peacock Premium Plus is totally advertisement free. Now let’s find out the most essential part, which is “How to go for Peacock TV.Com/ TV Activate

How Does Peacock TV Activate Work?

Here in this post we will discuss the ways how you can opt for peacock TV to activate easily on your devices and be super ready to watch the different shows, films and documentaries, sports, and a lot more options to choose from right from the comfort of your home:

How to activate Peacock on Apple TV | PeacockTV.Com/TV Activate

  • Open the App Store on your Apple TV and search for the Peacock TV application;
  • Select the Install button and start the Peacock application by signing in;
  • If you are a new user, you can try activating peacock on your Apple TV by an initiation code;
  • When you get the code, go to (peacocktv com activate) and type in the code and proceed;
  • Your Peacock application is ready for viewing on your Apple TV.

How to activate Peacock on your LG Smart TV | Popular Peacock TV Activation Methods

  • Press the Home button on your remote and open the LG Content Store and select Apps;
  • Choose the Peacock Application tile and press enter;
  • Select Install for activating peacock  tv on your LG Smart TV;
  • Sign in with your Peacock account and you would be introduced to a wide array of Peacock shows, films, and live streams;
  • In case of a new user, you need to activate your Peacock TV Account and after getting the credentials, join the application through the process mentioned above.

How to activate Peacock on Roku

  • On your Roku’s channel store select “Add Channel” and add Peacock.  It will automatically open Peacock TV Channel;
  • Select Sign in and enter your credentials;
  • If you decide to sign in through an actuation code via your cell phone, a tv code will be sent to your cell phone which needs to be entered by going to;
  • If you don’t have credentials, go to and generate a login credential and choose your plan type.  Then enter your credentials on the Peacock TV channel on your Roku and the individual code received on your cell phone;
  • When you enter the individual code ( code), your peacock tv will be activated on Roku.

How to activate Peacock on your Fire TV Stick | Popular Method for Peacock TV Activation

  • Go to the peacock tv website and activate your peacock tv account. If you don’t have a laptop or phone, you can sign up for a subscription through your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick;
  • On the home page, press “Find” and click on Search;
  • Either press and hold the voice button on your remote and say “Peacock TV” or type in the words. The Peacock TV app will be the first option to be selected;
  • When you select it, a pop-up will arrive asking you to “Download”.  After you press download, the contents start downloading and when that finishes, you will be given an option to “Play”;
  • If you don’t have a Peacock TV account, you can sign up or if you have the credentials, you can Sign In and start enjoying your favorite shows as your peacock tv activation is in force.

How to activate Peacock on your Samsung Smart TV | Peacock TV.Com/Activate

  • To download the app on a Samsung smart TV, you need to navigate to “Apps” from the home screen and select the ‘Search’ option;
  • Type in Peacock and perform a search;
  • On the Peacock app page, press Install and your app is ready for download;
  • Once downloaded, Peacock will be visible on the home screen;
  • Sign in to your Peacock account and the streaming starts right then;
  • A new user may log into, and get a code;
  • The Peacock app is supported on Samsung Smart TVs manufactured from 2017 onwards.

So, what are you waiting for?  The Peacock TV can be yours and it doesn’t cost a fortune.  Just hop on and be ready!

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