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What Is the Definition of Love?

What Is the Definition of Love

Probably ‘love’ is the only four-lettered word that can conquer everything and destroy as well. So ‘what is the best definition of love?’ seems to be one of the most difficult questions in this world to answer, as it involves at least two different personalities.

In the dictionary, the definition of love is stated in a few words, an intense feeling of deep affection. However, in practical life, it has many shades. It is a set of emotions and behaviors.

Sometimes we are unaware of using this immensely powerful word. How do you define love that depends on you and your surroundings? It can even change over time. So many emotions can be reflected by this magical word ‘love’.

However, the question ‘what is the best definition of love?’ remains a mystery when some people are not comfortable using this word aloud.

So if you ask the definition of love or what is the meaning of love in a relationship or what does love mean in a relationship, everyone would define it in different ways. It can be portrayed as a mixed feeling of happiness, excitement, and satisfaction which may result in jealousy and stress.

What is the Meaning of Love in Hindi

If you are looking for the answer of the question “what is the meaning of love in Hindi” then here is the answer. The meaning of love in Hindi is “Pyaar”.

Nature of Love

Love is one of the most valuable emotions of human beings, however, it is least understood if we study human behaviour. There are some biological drives behind love and sometimes cultural phenomena play an important role.

Some people prefer to call it nothing but a game of pituitary where personal conceptions of love also play a vital role. Thus answering the question ‘what is the definition of love?’ becomes biased sometimes.

Difference Between ‘Liking’ and ‘Loving’

To know the what does love mean in a relationship, we should have an idea about liking too. We don’t know when and how love touches us.

Attachment, care and intimacy are some of the driving features of love whereas closeness, admiration, warmth and respect are some of the feelings of ‘liking’ somebody.

Liking gives a pleasant feeling, love takes along devotion, some sort of possessiveness.

Elements of Romantic Love

Mainly attachment, caring and intimacy are the basic characteristics of romantic love.

Attachment: This is a feeling of closeness and affection partners feel towards one another. This is important in making human connections also.

However, the degree of safety the other one gives you is relative based on your past relationships and experience.

Caring: Valuing other person’s happiness and needs give birth to a caring attribute in us.

However, we can be caring about anybody whom we admire. Affection, helpfulness, and sympathy are some of the key features of a caring person.

Intimacy: When you are having a feeling of intimacy with someone, you can be sure of certain attributes.

You can share feelings, personal thoughts and emotional closeness with the other. It takes time to develop.

As you start knowing the other person, you will be intimate over time. It may lead to a commitment to stay in a relationship.

It is not exclusive in romantic relationships but is a key warm component. Still, the question ‘what is the definition of love?’ would not be so easy to state depending on these key elements.

Types of love

Love exists in different forms. We share emotional bonding with every person we are close enough but the level varies depending on so many factors.

How do you define love in a relationship that will obviously differ from the love you have for your parents, for your friends, for your children, for your teachers and so on.

Some are good for us while some are not. Though seeking a concrete answer to the question ‘what is the best definition of love?’ seems difficult, still mainly love is of four types:

Eros: When two people are sexually attracted to each other, they become very much passionate. It is addicting. Either you will enjoy your happiness or you will drown in sorrow.

It does not last for a longer time in many cases as it is a sudden gush of feelings. Unfulfilled erotic desire may lead to heartbreak.

Philia: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Here comes philia which indicates a healthy relationship among friends. It is platonic but true.

Storge: This is the most natural kind of love as it involves parents and their children. Here we don’t judge the person whether he or she is loveable or not, it has its continuous selfless flow.

Agape: When we just love people unconditionally and are ready to forgive, that becomes universal.

However, in search of the definition of love, if we dissect the components and types of love, it sounds a little unromantic.

As the pituitary plays a great role here, the human brain is involved, so obviously it will evolve in the course of time. Even the same person may experience different aspects of love.

Passion goes to the peak very fast, whereas commitment takes pretty much time and approaches steady bonds.

Intimacy too has a fast increase, then it decreases over time. It is true that having a loving relationship is not a roller coaster ride all the time, it is more like a riverboat.

Though we are seeking the fundamentals of the definition of love, practically it remains a mystery as love itself is an abstract idea.

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